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MAP Practice Tests Is Your Child Prepared for the MAP Test?

In recent years, both national and state-based mandates have demanded increased qualitative and quantitative data to assess public school performance. While federal directives such as No Child Left Behind require that all schools meet or exceed proficiency goals through the completion of standardized tests, many state-based directives are further driving this movement through their own forms of standardized tests.

The Missouri Public Schools have established what is known as the MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) Test. Placed into motion in order to evaluate each schools performance, data from MAP Testing allows leaders to evaluate the successful habits of top-performing classrooms and institutions, while schools that reveal patterns of student struggle can receive interventions to boost comprehension and achievement.

What Your Child Can Expect from the MAP Test

If your child is currently enrolled in the Missouri Public School system in grades 3 through 8, then he or she is held accountable for the core educational content for their grade level. At the end of each grade level (from 3-8), Missouri students are individually assessed with the MAP Testing program, which focuses on content in the subject areas of language arts, science, social sciences / history, and math. As each grade level has its own unique content standards, the MAP Test focuses on specific and unique concepts in the core subjects.

MAP Practice Test Support

As many children experience test anxiety and apprehension before cumulative assessments, such as the MAP Test, parents can foster stronger comprehension skills and testing confidence with MAP Testing Practice at home., for example, provides students of each of the 3 through 8 grade levels with content-specific support and review.

As each grade level has its own standards, provides comprehensive assessment and practice for concepts that include:

  • Language Arts Spelling, grammar, mechanics, reading comprehension, analysis, writing comprehension / assessment, and vocabulary
  • Mathematics Assessment of grade-level appropriate mathematical concepts, solutions, and problem solving skills
  • Social Sciences / History Assessment and review for grade-level content pertaining to United States and / or world history
  • Science Assessment of grade-level appropriate scientific topics, theories, studies, and skills

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